Orthodontic Practice US (Volume 10 Number 2) | April 2019
Dr. Steven R. Olmos explores high-tech solutions to treatment problems

Chronic pain and breathing disorders can be effectively treated with various technologies that take the frustration out of treatment for both the clinician and the patient. Check out the variety of technologies that help Dr. Steven Olmos treat these disorders. Educational aims and objectives: This clinical article aims to discuss how to treat chronic pain and breathing disorders with technology. Expected outcomes:

  • Recognize how 3D imaging can be beneficial for evaluation of chronic pain and breathing disorders.
  • Realize the role that low-level laser therapy can play in chronic pain treatment.
  • Realize how orthodontic appliance therapy can help in treatment of chronic pain, sleep-breathing disorders, and orthopedic/orthodontic therapy.
  • Identify some testing methods for these chronic pain and breathing disorder issues.