Patient Testimonials

Mary C.W.

5.0 ★★★★★

I am feeling intense joyful emotions that have moistened my eyes because of the gratitude I feel for Dr. Kristina. Dr. Kristina’s treatment worked perfectly for me in countless ways! First, and foremost, I am basically pain free and when I do experience pain it is rare, fleeting, and so very slight. My regular excruciating migraines that I have suffered from for at least a decade have disappeared completely. My severe allergies improved drastically. Additionally, two highly recommended books have been life changing for me. I looked forward to every treatment visit with Dr. Kristina because she and her assistants gave me superior service and always with such a joyous and energetic spirit. The icing on the cake was that I could always get timely responses to any concerns I had through texts.

I am absolutely ecstatic for what Dr. Kristina has done for me and I talk about what she has done for me to anyone who will listen. My final follow-up was just the other day and I am saddened that I won’t have to see one of the best doctors that I have ever had anymore.

J. Mahnic

5.0 ★★★★★

”I am so thankful for finding Dr. Kristina and the TMJ SleepTherapy Centre. I had no idea that her type of practice even existed. I struggled for years with teeth grinding, wearing away at my teeth and jaw. I was barely sleeping at night and often napped during the day. I often would find myself yawning during the day. I woke up with migraines and severe pain in my face from grinding. My back and neck was also in significant pain. After my consultation with Dr. Kristina I learned the root of my problems. The first day after wearing my mouth guards and therapy received by Dr. Kristina’s office… I haven’t taken a mid-day nap, my back and neck are improving and zero headaches. I wake up refreshed. It is an incredible feeling to regain my life back. Thanks to Dr. Kristina my quality of life has drastically improved.”

Jeannette M.

5.0 ★★★★★

I wanted to explain the HUGE difference the treatment I had received has made in my life. I had 3-4 headaches, per day, and shoulder, neck, and jaw pain for 20 years until I started treatment with TMJ Therapy Center. Braces have been a part of my treatment and I have noticed a big change in my level of pain since about a month into the treatment. I have virtually no jaw, neck, or shoulder pain anymore and only get about one-two headaches a month as opposed to 3-4 a every day. Life is much better  when it is pain-free. I am so grateful to the staff at the TMJ Therapy Center because this treatment has improved my quality of life so much and the whole staff is friendly and helpful.